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Panoramska slika grada

Welcome to Trate

Tour of the Museum of Madness at Cmurek Castle

Cmurek Castle is one of the largest castles in Slovenia, it houses a unique Museum of Madness. The tour of the castle and exhibitions is always guided and lasts 90 minutes.

Tour schedule:

  • on Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m
  • on Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. in German
  • on Thursdays at 4:30 p.m
  • on Saturdays at 10:30 a.m.
  • Guided tours in German will be offered one Saturday a month:
    • July - Saturday, 20.7.2024
    • August - Saturday, 17.8.2024
    • September - Saturday, 21.9.2024

For groups, tours are by appointment.

Due to the limited number of places, please make a reservation at or at the number: 070 433 219

Public transport:

We recommend that you go to Trate on weekdays by public transport.

The bus Maribor - Trate - Maribor runs on workdays (always check the current timetable on Arriva)

For the morning tour:

  • departure from Maribor 11:15, arrival in Trate 12:12
  • departure from Trat: 14:48

For an afternoon tour:

  • departure from Maribor 14:50, arrival in Trate 16:10
  • departure from Trat: 18:33

Train Graz - Mureck - Graz (always check the current timetable on the Fahrplan) (it's about a 45-minute walk from Mureck railway station to Cmurek Castle)

  • departure from Graz 8:38 (D353, transfer at Spielfeld S51), arrival in Mureck 9:21
  • departure from Murecko 12:27 p.m
  • departure from Murecko 14.26

Tourists, travelers and the curious

For visits outside the events, please make an appointment in advance. For information on current events, please visit our Facebook page or the events calendar.


For the neighbours and the local people, the Museum of Madness is mostly a place to meet and socialise. Here we meet for reading circles, morning gym sessions, film and music evenings, seedling exchanges and spontaneous gardening and touring meetings. Always welcome!

Students, researchers and professionals

We regularly organise field trips for schools and faculties, and work with experts in mental health, deinstitutionalisation, local communities and other fields of work on joint projects. To get involved, please contact us:

How to reach us?

By car

  • Ljubljana - Maribor (A1), exit Šentilj, direction Sladki Vrh, or exit Lenart, direction Trate

  • Lendava - Lenart (A5), exit Lenart, direction Trate

  • Graz - Spielfeld (A9), exit Gersdorf, direction Mureck

  • Zagreb - Ptuj (E59), exit Ptuj, direction Lenart, direction Trate

By train

Mureck railway station, Austria; from there on foot or by bike (2,7 km map)

By bus

  • Maribor-Trate, via Lenart or Šentilj

  • Graz-Mureck (Austria), from there on foot or by bicycle (2.4 km)

Nearby airports

  • Maribor, Slovenia

  • Graz, Austria

  • Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Zagreb, Croatia

Muzej norosti
Trate 7
2213 Zgornja Velka

Current announcements

Educational programmes

The Museum of Madness offers educational programmes for pupils, high school students and university students. Professional training and team building are available.


  • Mura: free-flowing rivers, nature conservation, climate crisis, environmental justice.
  • Madness: mental health, rights of people with disabilities, human rights, social inclusion.
  • The history of Cmurek: from the 12th century onwards, life along the border.
  • Art: madness and creativity.

The content and duration of the programme are adapted to the interest and wishes of the visitors.

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