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The castle and exhibits are open to the public during scheduled events and by prior appointment. For information about current and upcoming events follow our page on Facebook: Madness on the Border (Norost na meji).


There is no fee for admission; however, your voluntary contribution will help preserve this heritage and support the ongoing development of the Museum.

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Cmurek Emerged on a Bluff

An exhibit about the architectural history of Castle Cmurek from the 12th to the 19th centuries, created by castleologist Dr. Igor Sapač.


Endless Meadows of Madness

An exhibit depicting the period from 1956 to 2004, when the castle was home to the State Asylum for the Mentally and Neurologically Ill.


Composers from the Edge

of Madness

An exhibit about classical composers who suffered from mental disabilities and the thin line separating madness and genius.


The Mysterious World of the Mura River

The Mura River is the queen of fish species diversity. This photographic exhibit depicts all sixty-five species of fish that inhabit the Mura. It was developed in cooperation with Marijan Gaber and Dr. Meta Povž.

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Green Gladiators

The earliest resistance to hydroelectric dams on the Mura emerged in the 1980s. This exhibit was developed in collaboration with the Society for the Study of Fish of Slovenia and the My Mura Coalition.


Murals for Mura

A group of female artists created four mural paintings in defense of Mura without dams. The murals are on display at the following locations: Sladki Vrh, fishing shack near Lenc Pond (alongside the Sladki Vrh-Trate Road); Gornja Radgona, the Youth Center at Trg svoboda 15; Radenci, at Boračevska Street 2.

Besides the exhibition, the Museum is a host to various events that attract locals, tourists and experts.

How to get here?

Castle Cmurek is located at the far edge of the region known as the Slovenian Hills (Slovenske gorice) on a bluff overlooking the Mura River, not far from the Austrian town of Mureck.

Nearby hiking trails

By bicycle

By car

  • Ljubljana – Maribor (A1), take the Šentilj exit toward Sladki Vrh, or the Lenart exit toward Trate

  • Lendava – Lenart (A5), take the Lenart exit toward Trate

  • Graz – Spielfeld (A9), take the Gersdorf exit

  • Zagreb – Ptuj (E59), take the Ptuj exit toward Lenart, Trate

By train

  • Mureck (Austria) train station, then 2.7 km by bicycle or on foot (map)

By bus

  • Maribor-Trate, via Lenart or Šentilj

  • Gradec-Mureck (Austria), then 2.4 km by bicycle or on foot

Nearby airports

  • Maribor, Slovenia

  • Graz, Austria

  • Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Zagreb, Hrvaška

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