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Dejavnosti na gradu

Regional centre for deinstitutionalization

European documents bind all EU countries, to the responsibility of developing jobs for the care and help of a community, with which people can stay at home and not be moved into assisted living facilities or retirement homes. It’s known too little that, Slovenia is on the second place by rate of institutionalization in Europe. Despite this, the capacity of assisted living facilities and retirement homes has not decreased, but has increased, with the construction of new ones. The situation in 2020 in connection with the Coronavirus epidemic confirmed to us, that the least protected, most vulnerable and people most prone to bad outcomes are the ones that are institutionalized.


To overcome the circumstances in Slovenia, we’re developing a Regional centre for deinstitutionalization in the Cmurek Castle in Trate. In the first years we will deal mainly with people from the municipalities of Šentilj, Apače, and Sveta Ana.

Our goal is to in one year research and recognize, what are the needs for help and assistance that the locals in the area need at home. We want to find out what forms of help and assistance the locals of the area need in order to live a quality life at home, even when they find themselves in a situation where they’re reliant on the help of other people. We will make these findings through special personalized plans of help and assistance, carried out by an experienced social worker.


What are we trying to establish?

On the basis of our findings, we want to establish the type of help and assistance that will allow you to stay at home, in your home, while at the same time receiving the help and support that you need.


Who do we want to help?

The project is designed to help people with problems with their mental health, people with different types of disabilities(physical and mental). Special attention will be paid to older people, that need assistance in order to stay at home, instead of being institutionalized at a retirement home. In short, the project is designed to help all of you that because of whatever limitations need the help of other people, the scope of assistance can of course be different, as well as the content of the assistance.

Who will we be working with?

In the first year, the project will be revolving around the area of municipalities Šentilj, Sveta Ana and Apače.

We will collaborate with locals, as well as of course with the administration of the municipalities, mayors, everyone that is responsible for development in these municipalities. We will collaborate with different organizations in the region, public as well as private associations, in order to build a web of people that can work with us.


Project Monograph

O skupnosti in dezinstitucionalizaciji onkraj obstoječih vrtov in vrtičkov [Elektronski vir] = on community and deinstitutionalisation beyond gardens and enclosures : zbornik / [uredila Sonja Bezjak]. - E-zbornik. - Trate : Muzej norosti, 2022



  • Simona Ratajc, social worker
  • dr. Sonja Bezjak, director of Museum of madness
  • Darja Farasin, mag. medn. in dipl. stud., associate of Museum of madness
  • prof. dr. Vito Flaker, advisor



Civic Europe, performed by MitOst and Sofia Platforms, funded by Stiftung Mercator


Civic Europe


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