Looking for your stories

In Cmurek Castle on Trate, by the Slovenian-Austrian border, we have been building the Museum of Madness since 2013. The museum resides in a former institution called The Institute for the Mentally and Mentally Ill Hrastovec - Trate, which was closed by the state in 2004 with a guarantee that the residents will be reintegrated into the community with all support needed to start a new life.


In the museum, we collect materials to show our visitors what life was like an institution on the edge of the country. Some of the material is already presented at the exhibition. However, we lack the testimonies of the people who lived in this institution since we all track of the people who moved out of here in 2004. We would like to hear their stories, write down their memories and present them in the museum as both a memory and a reminder. So we are asking the local community for help.


Write to us at info@muzejnorosti.eu or call us at 00386 70 433 219.


This activity is a part of the From Institutions to People project, funded by the Active Citizens Fund.