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Conference "Alpe Adria Danube network for desinstitutionalisation"

In 2021, we made an important step in the Museum of Madness, we opened a Regional Centre for Deinstitutionalization, which is in its first year funded by an European platform Civic Europe. We wish to establish various forms of individual support, with which people will be able to live at home or at least in the vicinity of it. The pandemic, which affected the whole world, the fact that people who suffered the most consequences and that in the most vulnerable groups are those who lived or still live in large institutions, encouraged us to do significantly more in the field of community care rather than continue to build large institutions. In Slovenia, the development of community care, with a high level of institutionalization, is even more important.

In the framework of the project we have made a goal, to organise a 2 day conference for the Alpe Adria Danube network. With this we will create an opportunity to meet again, share information about the situations in different countries, create lasting ties, and strengthen our international framework for deinstitutionalization.

In Slovenia large institutions are present especially in the North-East part of the country, in the countryside. Our studies confirm that the rate of institutionalization is at its highest in the North-East. In the first year of operations in the Centre for Deinstitutionalization we are planning to work with three municipalities, on the edge of the country, to set frameworks for careing people who live in the countryside. At the same time we want to actively work with two other projects for the transformation of institutions in our country, a Home in Kras and CTWP (Centre for Training, Work and Protection) Črna in Carinthia, and of course with good practices of transforming institutional care into community services in other countries: Italy, Austria, Serbia, Croatia and others. A special section will be dedicated to the role of women in deinstitutionalization.

We kindly invite you to prepare and submit an abstract for the conference and to write a paper for a monograph.

On the Conference we want to discuss the challenges of providing care in the community:

  1. In the countryside

  2. In the time of extraordinary circumstances, the Covid-19 Pandemic

  3. The challenges of creating a project, and how to go from a project to a systemic solution

  4. Memories, legacy and the public speech

  5. Women and deinstitutionalization

Dates: Date of the Conference: 10th – 11th June 2021

Location: We plan to meet in person in castle Cmurek in Museum of Madness, in case of restristions because of C-19 we will execute the conference online.

Deadline for submission of Summary for the Conference: 15th April 2021

The summary in length of 300 words will be available in the following languages: Slovenian, Srebian, Croatian and English (Title, short presentation, 5 key words, Author short presentation).

Adress for Submission of Summary: simona.ratajc@muzejnorosti.eu or info@muzejnorosti.eu

Deadline for submission of Professional Article for the Monograph: 10. 7. 2021 (8-16 pages)

Organisers of the Conference: Museum of Madness Trate, Regional Centre for deinstitutionalization – Civic Europe

Co- Organizers:

Faculty of Social Work,

Faculty of Arts, Department of Ethnology and Cultural Antropology.

Committee of organizers:

Simona Ratajc, Vito Flaker, Darja Farasin, Sonja Bezjak, Rajko Muršič.