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On Community and Deinstitutionalisation Beyond Gardens and Enclosures. Proceedings of the Museum of Madness

Published: Mon, 23.01.2023 - 22:22

The first volume of the Museum of Madness is here, with academic and professional articles and reflections on what is still missing in the community so that we can talk about solidarity, about community life and so that people who live in institutions because they are disabled and disadvantaged can return from there, and so that others who are still living at home do not have to go there. The articles and reflections are a continuation and a follow-up of the discussions we started at the Alpe Adria Danube Network on Deinstitutionalisation conference in June 2021 at Cmurek Castle in Trate.

On Community and Deinstitutionalisation Beyond Gardens and Enclosures .

[Elektronski vir] = on community and deinstitutionalisation beyond gardens and enclosures : zbornik [uredila Sonja Bezjak]. - E-zbornik. - Trate : Muzej norosti, 2022

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