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24 Sep 2022: Borderless - a social gathering and film evening

Published: Fri, 16.09.2022 - 18:15

It's been an incredible seven years since we experienced an extraordinary time of open borders in Styria. Some of us arrived in Radgona or Šentilj after a long flight, others were there with warm tea, soup and baby diapers to humanely support people on their way. Many life paths crossed then, many of us stayed connected.

We want to remember, to preserve and to continue to weave human ties across borders. All of you who have a special connection to this time of "open borders" are cordially invited to a gathering and a film evening!


The Mura River, with its groundwater recharging the water table, has allowed people to settle in these places. The river provides habitat for many species of flora and fauna. Its importance has been recognised by the international organisation UNESCO, which has awarded the Mura basin, together with the Drava and Danube rivers, the title of a 5-country biosphere site, increasingly recognised as "Europe's Amazon".


Film screening
Director Heinz Trenczak and seven filmmakers made a documentary entitled 3400 Semmeln - Flüchtende | Helfende | Menschen. Between 2015 and 2020, they documented the arrival of people and solidarity in Styria on film: the opening of the community garden of the Welcome Culture platform Cmurek, the refugee protest camp in a city park in Graz and the volunteer kitchen TWO - The Welcome Organisation at the Šentilj-Spielfel border crossing.


Sweets, spreads and food for the buffet are welcome.

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