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About us

Who we are?

Program team

dr. Sonja Bezjak, director,

dr. Reinhard Padinger, secretary,

Darja Farasin, president of the council,




Jože Žiž




Institute Council

Darja Farasin, president

dr. Igor Sapač, member

dr. Vito Flaker, member

Elias Dorner, member

Barbara Kotnik, member



Barbara Kotnik, activity coordinator and Curator Educator,


External team members

Mag. Saša Bezjak, academic painter and prof. art pedagogy

Metka Lampret, head of the reading club

Odriv, Metka Kitel, s.p., accountant


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The Museum of Madness strives to create a comprehensive representation of the phenomenon of madness that will be accessible and relevant to individuals and groups at both the professional and layperson levels, with the ultimate goal of broadening the concept, bringing it up to date, removing tabus, and detaching it from the process of institutionalisation. We work closely with Slovenian organisations in this field as well as similar organisations and institutions across Europe and worldwide.


Through the Museum of Madness we strive to preserve and revitalise Castle Cmurek, the building in which the State Asylum for the Mentally and Neurologically Ill at Hrastovec – Trate operated for decades, thus contributing, we hope, to the ongoing process of de-institutionalising mental illness in Slovenia.


In line with our mission, the Museum of Madness aims to create a full-spectrum cultural, professional, social and tourist centre. We aim to revive the cultural and natural heritage of the surroundings of Castle Cmurek, incentivize the potential of the local community, and integrate our work into the wider region, regardless of the national border nearby. In doing so, we respect the principles of sustainable development and care for the environment.

Stara slika Mure


The earliest mention of Castle Crumb dates to the 12th century. The Styrian Stubenberg family governed the castle from 1401 to 1931.

In the brief period between the First and Second World Wars the owner of the castle was Anton Mally. Following World War II the Yugoslav government nationalized the castle and established an Asylum for the Mentally and Neurologically Ill.

In 2004 the government closed the asylum on the premise that such institutions are inhumane. This was the first such facility that the Slovene government closed as part of a larger program of deinstitutionalization. We have repurposed it as a place of memory.

Priznanja in objave

Nagrade in nominacije

Zveza društev Moja Mura
Darja Farasin, Boris Bezjak in Sonja Bezjak za sodelovanje pri ohranjanju prosto tekoče Mure

Revija Zarja, Nominacija za žensko leta
direktorica Muzeja norosti, dr. Sonja Bezjak, 2018

Priznanje KS Velka za delo v kraju
Zavod Muzej norosti, 2016

Priznanje KUD Gabrijel Kolbič za sodelovanje
Zavod Muzej norosti, 2016

Priznanje Ribiške zveze Slovenije
Boris Bezjak, za razstavo Skrivnostni svet reke Mure, 2014

Medijski projekti in objave

Dokumentarni film Muzej norosti
2018-2020, Amir Muratović, Bernard Perme, RTV SLO

Kratki dokumentarni film Zadnji graščaki Trat
2014, Lukas Miheljak

Vse medijske objave

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